Job Spec: 
Senior Event Manager

A senior event manager oversees overseeing all events for their organization. They prepare event documentation, as well as coordinate with customers to ensure they are fully satisfied with functions held at the manager's facilities. The senior event manager must communicate with the customer before and after the event; they often serve as the customer's primary point of contact.

The senior event manager must solve problems before, during, and after events as needed. They typically lead pre- and post-event meetings for all staff working during functions, such as servers, greeters, cooks, and technical staff. They must manage customer budgets, as well as review billing and payment with the customer. A senior event manager must make his or her presence known throughout the event, handling any complaints from guests and mitigating any issues as they occur. The senior event manager may also work with more junior event-planning professionals in their organization. In that case, they may be responsible for providing supervision, guidance, instruction, and discipline as needed.

Senior Event Manager Tasks

  • Plan and manage a large schedule of complex events, ensuring facilities are ready and expectations set.

  • Assemble paperwork, gifts, registration, name badges, and other items for events.

  • Assist with social media and marketing strategies.

  • Explain and sell services and goods, building strong relationships with clients.

  • Report on all potential and actual events, including budgets and staffing.

The role requires the following attributes:

  • Attention to detail | Well organised | Hard-working.

  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Powerpoint/Adobe PC and general computer knowledge.

  • Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.

  • Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet (and exceed) expectations.

  • Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities on every project

  • Communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships

  • Managing supplier relationships

  • Managing operational and administrative functions to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently

  • Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to your team.

  • Travelling to on-site inspections and project managing events.

  • Being responsible for all project costs & budgets from start to finish.

  • Ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery.

 Responsibilities Include:

  • Project Management and Coordination

  • Program planning, execution, task management, vendor relations, administrative,

  • Upkeep and event updates, communications liaison and scheduling

  • Budget management – plan to the budget / notify director of status

  • Coordinate function orders and logistics

  • Developing client program proposals and program design

  •  Developing and managing program budgets (zero-based and historical), reconciliation, event income and expenses

  • Ascertaining client needs and services required

  • Setting and developing timelines, project management task lists, and divisions of duties

  • Managing logistics, operations, schedules, and production coordination

  • Manage site selection, RFP creation and management, site inspections, and analytical recaps

  • Oversee overall project execution, performance, and profitability

Additional Skills:

  • Problem-solving and management through stressful situations

  • Project management, timelines, and task management

  • Registration and communications best practices (experience with event registration platforms)

  • Facilities management, audio-visual, room layouts and design

  • Production, staging, and on-site execution

  • Menu planning and design

  • Supplier/Venue sourcing and management

  • Contracting, negotiations, and compliance

  • Risk assessment and management (emergency planning)

  • Event budgeting and financials

  • Evaluations, reporting and analysis

  • Leadership and strong interpersonal skills

  • Outstanding written and oral communications skills

  • Working knowledge of Excel, Power Point, Word and cloud-sharing programs

  • Understanding of social media in event settings

Time Commitment: full time; travel will be included; long days and some weekends are expected

Salary will reflect the level of the position and experience of the candidate.
Interested applicants, please email your CV in confidence to