Tom Dalton is the powerhouse behind TD Fitness, a new concept that looks beyond the walls of the gym and takes fitness and nutrition into the workplace fostering great health of both mind and body, all the while boosting moral, cognitive function and productivity amongst employees. Delivered onsite or via webinars, TD Fitness creates bespoke classes and workshops to meet the demands of the working day. ‘Lunch and Learn’ theme days are a popular choice, encouraging participants to create a stronger work/life balance that reflects the needs of both the business and the individual. Other top picks from the TD Fitness programme include Nutrition Seminars and Onsite Group Exercise Classes.After completing a fitness course in 2013, friends and family sought Tom’s advice to help them reassess their “work life balance”. What initially started out as a favour to friends and family, quickly turned into a fitness company that has grown beyond expectations. His passion for living well, eating well and loving life is contagious and it’s not just his fitness fans or individual clients that think so, having earned the recognition from some of the top companies in Ireland after putting their workforce through their paces helping to motivate and re-energise the overall working environment. From humble beginnings, Tom’s dream is to become an industry leader for corporate motivation, health, nutrition and fitness and by doing so help others reach their goals. No easy feat but one that Tom has embraced with the enthusiasm and dedication for which he has fast gained a reputation for. We wish him the best of luck. To find out more and to make a booking head to